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GitProductive: See how productive exactly are you

Productivity is subjective, Everyone has their own tools that help them to remain productive, focused and on target. I for example try to use DailyGoals to get my daily todo lists on track, but i can’t keep up with updating as i should.

One of the best ways to measure how much work was done, is to actually see how much did you code, thinking about that, i turned to git log for some help and found out that you can get a list of changed/added lines in on your commits, git is so damn powerful that it even lets you to bound your search to a specific, natural language time frames (ex: “2 weeks ago”).

Now, the fun part. i created this tiny little Ruby program that displays exactly how much did you code, showing the number of commits and LOC inserted, and even shows a simple rate stat of your LOC/commits.

Here it is:

simply run ruby git_productive.rb <path_to_project_root>, might be nice to run is a rake task or a commit hook that sends you and your boss and email with your current code rate.

well, mine shows 120 lines since this morning, considering half of it is probably a plugin, i’d better get back to work and stop blogging.

as always, forks and suggestions are welcome.


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