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Social Network Ruby on Rails Applications

Update 28/1/09 : Added El-Dorado

Update 27/1/09 : Added OneBody
Update 12/2/09: Added EchoWaves, OpenMind and Forulio

One of my current consulting positions, involves a startup company with a great idea and a great social network implementation idea.
For that matter, i have been scavenging the web lately for Rails based social netowrking plugins, Engines or maybe even a skeleton application for those guys and i found some very good solution apps and infrastructures, the only problem rails Rails 2.0 compatibility (which i didn’t check yet, and some don’t indicate) and Documentation, which seem to be neglected on almost all those apps.

So, Here’s the current list:

include blogs, user profiles, photo uploads, forums, friendships and user-to-user messaging funcionallity.
Looks great and has a great look and feel.
Comes as a full application under MIT license.

A Rails engine, now supports Rails 2.0.
Gives you the basic functionality for a social networking site. It includes features such as User pages, forums, uploads, geo searches, blogging and more.
Important to say that extending the basic engine with your own controllers and models, is supposed to be easy and simple, i am currently testing it out so i don’t really have an opinion yet.
Documentation has to be improved though, a lot.

TOG, presentation
TOG is basically a package of features (in the form of plugins) which you can choose to add to your applications as one, or as a whole.
Using these prepackaged and automated features should let you focus on the real key point about social networks: keep the conversation going with your members. If youíre just starting a social site or wants to polish your community with lovely social capabilities maybe you should give tog a try.

Features include:

  • Activity feed

  • Personal profiles with photo upload and comment walls
  • Internal messaging system with read/replied/trashed messages
  • Contacts list
  • Blogs with comments
  • Discussion forum
  • Search for profiles, forums, and blogs
  • Admin panel with site preferences
  • Option for email verification and activity notifications
Documentation is kind of missing here too.

Under developement, but runs several sites at the moment,
include some neat features on top of the plain simple ones, such as API and CMS intergration.

Although i am not sure why they indicate their audience as Churches (?), it looks like a good social framework with a lot of features such as:
  • Membership Management | aka ChMS

  • Online Directory | search, print

  • Groups | email lists, attendance tracking

  • Social Networking | friends, favorites

  • Content Management System | page editing
and more, read on in the Wiki manual

Looks nice and packed, a pretty live demo site too.
Features include:
  • Forum

  • Group chat

  • Event calendar

  • File sharing

  • Random headers

  • Avatars

  • Themes

  • Privacy settings


This is a group chat social network application. You can start conversations and connect wih other users while discussing it.
It is possible to make a conversation read-only for presenting a content too.


Openmind enables you to create a collaborative environment for collecting the thoughts of your customers/collagues on a product/service.
User can discuss online about an idea & vote for the features. Admin can mark the most-requested features as “to be included in next releases” & users get informed from this. A nice application for creating a constructive community.


Forulio: Ruby on Rails Forum
Forulio is a Ruby on Rails forum application with a similar approach to popular forum softwares like phpBB or vBulletin.
It supports sub-forums, has a monitoring page for viewing the activity and has tagging integrated.

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